FAO/ECE/FINNIDA Meeting of Experts on Forest Resource Assessment. Kotka 1987

Finnish Forest Research Institute. Research Papers. 284. - 433 p.
[ISBN 951-40-0826-X]

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Wardle, P.:
Objectives for international resource assessment. s. 13-35
Singh, K.D.:
Concepts and methodology of tropical forest resources assessment (1990). s. 37-49
Sokolov, V.:
Aspects of temperate forest resource assessment relevant to global framework. s. 51-76
Padovani, F.:
Towards a structure for the forest resources assessment. s. 77-129
Haszprunar, Johann:
National report: Austria. s. 133-143
Nahuz, Marcio A.R.:
National report: Brazil. s. 144-147
Kyaw, U.S.:
National report: Burma. s. 147-152
Lowe, J.J.:
National report: Canada. s. 153-159
Longhui, Liu:
National report: China. s. 159-163
Molina, Luis Carlos:
National report: Colombia. s. 164-174
Matusk , Viliam:
National report: Czechoslovakia. s. 175-179
Schwenke, K.:
National report: FRG. s. 180-186
Kuusela, Kullervo:
National report: Finland. s. 187-197
Houllier, F.:
National report: France. s. 198-206
Thang, H.C.:
National report: Malaysia. s. 207-220
Sosa, Victor:
National report: Mexico. s. 221-227
Benessalah, Driss:
National report: Morocco. s. 228-229
Stuurman, F.J.:
National report: Netherlands. s. 230-239
Abayomi, J.O.:
National report: Nigeria. s. 239-244
Lovseth, Torgeir:
National report: Norway. s. 245-249
Barszczewski, W.:
National report: Poland. s. 250-258
Bengtsson, Göte:
National report: Sweden. s. 259-266
Mahrer, F.:
National report: Switzerland. s. 267-282
Bones, James T.:
National report: U.S.A.. s. 283-287
Orescanin, D.:
National report: Yugoslavia. s. 288-293
Yobwa, Ipalaka:
National report: Zaire. s. 294-299
Bengtsson, Göte:
Estimation of fellings and total drain in Sweden. s. 303-308
Collins, N.M.:
The IUCN tropical forest programme and its linkages with the FAO tropical forest resources assessment. s. 309-315
Houllier, F.:
Area change. s. 315-319
Janz, Klaus:
Assessing information on non-wood products and services from forests. s. 320-327
Kuusela, Kullervo:
Resource assessment for predicting timber production. s. 328-337
Lowe, J.J.:
Classification and definitions. s. 338-341
Malleux, J.:
Forest Inventory Data Bank (FIDAB) into the forest resources assessment. s. 342-352
Malleux, J.:
Assessment of woody biomass changes in forestland. s. 353-356
Molina, Luis Carlos:
Compatibility among previous assessments and proposals for 1990. s. 357-360
Nahuz, Marcio A.R.:
Scope and methodology of TFRA. s. 361-362
Naumov, G.:
UNEP's role and activities in management and conservation of tropical resources. s. 363-368
Nilsson, Sten:
Forestry study at IIASA - experience on timber assessment studies for Europe. s. 369-387
Palo, Matti:
Assessment of drain and uses of drain data : a review of Finnish experiences. s. 388-395
Pollanschütz, Josef:
Estimate of increment. s. 396-397
Riihinen, Päiviö:
Economic and social aspects in forest resource assessment in developing countries. s. 398-410
Seppälä, Risto:
Holistic forest sector models as means to combine forest resource information to the use of resources. s. 411-416
Sosa, Victor:
Classification and assessment of forest and forestland degradation. s. 417-422
Thang, H.C.:
Assessment of the forest resources of the ASEAN region and their management. s. 423-433


Proceedings of ad hoc FAO/ECE/FINNIDA Meeting of Experts on Forest Resource Assessment, Kotka 26-30 October 1987. - Helsinki. FINNIDA..Finnish Forest Research Institute. Research Papers. 284. - 433 p.


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