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Forest Statistical Bulletins

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In addition to annual reports, Metla continuously publishes Forest Statistical Bulletins [Metsätilastotiedote] covering the forest sector, mainly on a monthly basis. It is worth noting, however that roundwood prices are updated weekly in Metinfo Statistical Database [Metinfo Tilastopalvelu]. Statistical Bulletins, totalling 50 volumes a year, provide customers with recent and detailed information on topics such as fellings, imports and prices of roundwood. On an average, monthly statistics become available three weeks after the period they refer to.

The bulletins, drawn up in Finnish only, are mainly intended for domestic users. If needed, they can be distributed abroad.

The bulletins cover the following topics:

Roundwood markets
  • Volumes and Prices in Roundwood Trade
  • Roundwood Prices by Region
Roundwood fellings and total drain
  • Commercial Roundwood Removals and Forestry Labour
  • Roundwood Removals and Drain by Region
Foreign trade
  • Foreign Trade in Roundwood and Forest Industry Products
  • Foreign Trade in Roundwood and Forest Industry Products by Country
Wood Consumption
Wood in Energy Generation
Fuelwood Consumption in Small-sized Dwellings
Silvicultural and Forest Improvement Work
Stumpage Earnings
Operating Profit in Non-Industrial Private Forestry
Forestry as an Investment
Forest Protection

Contact: Martti Aarne

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