From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Joensuu Unit

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Research activities

The research work of Metla is organised into problem-oriented projects. The mission of Metla Joensuu is to promote and to develop - through research - regional economic and enterprise activities based on forests and forestry products, especially in Eastern Finland. Metla Joensuu conducts research in six applied research focus areas including almost 60 different projects and three research programmes. The research focus areas are led by professors.

Research focus areas of Metla Joensuu

Forest management planning covers methods for combining information about forest resources and the operational environment of forestry, with multiple objectives of decision making. The responsible professor for forest management planning is Professor Tuula Packalen.

Silviculture, including the impacts of forestry on the environment, concentrates on forest management alternatives, and their application and development, on the effects of silvicultural operations and peatland management on the nutrient status of the forests, nutrient leaching and groundwater quality. One focus of the Joensuu unit is in root research. The responsible professor for silviculture is Professor Leena Finér.

Forest technology focuses on timber procurement and logging, as well as on rationalisation, management and logistics. The research area covers also harvesting and procurement of wooden biomass for energy and heating. The responsible professor for forest technology is Professor Antti Asikainen.

Wood science and technology concentrates on the physical and mechanical properties of wood and logs, timber scaling, customer and market orientated analysis of the use of wood. The responsible professor for wood science and technology is Professor Erkki Verkasalo.

Forest economics focuses on business economics and the local, regional and national economic operating environment, and on the markets for forestry and forest industry products.

International forestry concentrates on research of forestry in Russia and countries with undergoing economic transition in Europe. The responsible professor for is Professor Timo Karjalainen.

Further research topics at the Joensuu Research Unit

The National Forest Inventory of Finland (NFI), producing large-area forest resource information, is coordinated from Metla Joensuu. Furthermore the NFI research group is responsible for the calculation of the forest resources results. Other special research topics at Metla Joensuu are: forest entomology, elk and forest interactions, forest certification, non-wood forest products, protected forest areas and calculation of carbon sequestration in peatlands and wooden biomass.

Research programmes

Researchers in Joensuu

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