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Joensuu Unit

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The Joensuu Unit is a multidisciplinary expert organisation acting on both, national and international level. The research unit´s goal is to promote and to develop - through research - regional economic and enterprise activities based on forests and forestry products, especially in Eastern Finland.

The research profile of the Joensuu Unit consists of six focus areas: forest management planning, silviculture and the impacts of forestry on the environment, wood science and technology, forest technology, forest enterprise economics and international forestry, especially focused on Russia and countries with economic in transition. The Joensuu Unit is actively cooperating with numerous universities, research institutes and forest organisations in and outside Finland. Furthermore it is participating in international forest policy processes and in international forest organisations.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute started its activities in Joensuu in 1981. During the past 30 years Metla Joensuu has been developed into a powerful forest expert organisation in Eastern Finland. Especially during 2000-2008 Metla Joensuu has been expanded considerably, as a consequence of the Finnish Government policy to strengthen the forest research in Joensuu. The Government policy was to emphasize regional development through the production and transfer of expertise and new information. The total number of staff working at the Unit is 100. Of these almost 70 are researchers.

The staff of Metla Joensuu moved into its new facilities, the Metla House (pdf), in November 2004. This first large wooden office building in Finland has aroused an unexpected amount of interest because of its unique architecture and working environment in both, in Finland and abroad. The Metla House is located at the Joensuu University campus.


Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla)
Joensuu Unit
PO Box 68 (Yliopistokatu 6)
Tel: +358 29 532 2111

Regional director Jari Parviainen
Customer Manager Jari Miina
Regional Communications Officer: Merja Lindroos






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