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A lasting foundation for the well-being and prosperity of the Finnish people, established by the sustainable, versatile use of forests.


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Finnish forest sector facts in a single publication:

Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is now available

The Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry offers an overall picture of the forests, forestry and the forest industries in Finland. It also presents facts about the forest environment, multiple uses of forests and environmental issues in Finland, and the most important international forest statistics.

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Novel forestry solutions for the Russian forest sector

Metla is coordinating an extensive border region project on information transfer in support of the development of Russia's forestry sector in the Republic of Karelia. The project's main themes are intensive forestry, forest road construction, and the promotion of wood-based bioenergy. For example, novel educational content for forestry-related training in Russia is provided under the project.

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Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook 2013−2014

Forestry Sector Outlook Improving


Of the products of Finnish forest industry, the export value of timber, plywood, cardboard and pulp has increased during the early part of the year, improving the profitability of production at the same time. This development has also reflected positively elsewhere in the forestry sector. The rise in the demand for roundwood has increased fellings. Stumpage prices have risen and improved the financial profitability and result of private forestry from last year. However, the direction of the trend for next year for the forestry sector is unclear, as economic growth in Europe remains uncertain. The trend direction largely depends on the amount of exports outside Europe.

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31.01.2014 The Swedish University of Agriculture is the new host for EFINORD
16.01.2014 Metla Bulletin #1/2014
31.12.2013 Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is now available
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