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A lasting foundation for the well-being and prosperity of the Finnish people, established by the sustainable, versatile use of forests.


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In the future, small timber must be transported to its place of use from farther and farther away – there are profitable alternatives

It is also worthwhile to transport small timber to its place of use from farther away – presupposing that a suitable mode of transportation or a combination of modes can be found for each situation and set of conditions. New trucks with more capacity are often a more cost-effective alternative to expensive railtransport. Rail transport is more competitive than road transport only when work is close to train terminals and when the distance is long enough. As a whole, the pruned tree chain is more cost-effective than the whole tree chain. In the international Enerwoods project, Metla compared the transport costs of different combinations in the Kokkola-Kainuu axis.

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The SER2014 European Conference in Oulu, Finland, August 3-8 2014


Finnish Forest Research Institute hosts the 9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration in August 2014. The specific focus of the Conference is Restoration, Ecosystem Services and Land Use Policy. The timely topic relates the Conference directly to global, EU and national level policies, which aim at safeguarding the environment and biodiversity, and mitigating Climate Change impacts.

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Trees4Future – research without borders

Photo: Tuija Aronen

The Trees4Future project is integrating European knowledge and expertise on forest genetics, forestry and wood technology into a single portal. The experts from the 13 European project partner countries can also utilise each other’s research equipment and infrastructure; a work period usually lasts a couple of months. “Useful and productive”, commented Azahara Barra Jiménez, a Spanish forestry student who has been finalising her dissertation at Metla’s Punkaharju location, utilising the expertise of the local researchers.

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29.07.2014 Ecological Restoration attracts people to the SER2014 European Conference in Oulu, Finland, August 3-8 2014
30.06.2014 Metla Bulletin #2/2014
31.01.2014 The Swedish University of Agriculture is the new host for EFINORD
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