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Duration: 2006-2010   Keywords: arctic areas, climate change, climate research, ecology, northern dimension, research
Research Programme: Safeguarding forest biodiversity - policy instruments and socio-economic impacts


The objective of LAPBIAT is to enhance research exchange and improve scientific co-operation, and the project is based on a network of seven research units in northern Finland.Thanks to the northern location and merits in long-standing research into the northern environment, the LAPBIAT organizations can offer topics such as the following: northern populations, the arctic and sub-arctic as well as alpine and sub-alpine environment, the arctic winter and snow conditions, changes and external disturbance in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and numerous long time-series observations of the aforementioned items and phenomena.

One of the objectives of LAPBIAT is to produce significant scientific information on global environmental change. Selected researchers will be allowed free-of-charge access to research equipment, facilities, logistics, technical and scientific support and other infrastructure needed for scientific work. Visitors’ travel expenses and subsistence costs will also be covered. Environmental researchers from the EU countries (researchers or organizations in Finland excluded) or the EU-associated states are eligible. Application forms are available from the Internet.

The following organizations participate in the LAPBIAT project: Finnish Meteorological Institute - Arctic Research Centre, Kolari Research Station (Finnish Forest Research Institute), Kevo Subarctic Institute (University of Turku), Kilpisjärvi Biological Station and Värriö Research Station (University of Helsinki), and Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory and Oulanka Research Station (University of Oulu). All units are located in northern Finland around the 66 th latitude or north of it. The project is coordinated by the University of Oulu. Dr Jyrki Manninen, who works in Sodankylä, is the Project Manager and Prof. Tauno Turunen is the project coordinator.

The project’s total funding is approximately 1.5 million euro, of which about 40,000 euro is allocated to the Kolari Research Unit of Metla. Research exchange will be encouraged through, for example, direct contacts, Internet and international meetings.

LAPBIAT homepage

Project leader: Huhta, Esa
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Rovanniemi Office, PO Box 16 (Eteläranta 55), FI-96301 ROVANIEMI, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3510

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