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MULTIple Eco-Friendly FOrest use: Restoring Traditions

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Activities and outputs
Activity 1, Landscape ecological planning and its implementation in practice

The activity is directed toward bridging the gap between the theory of landscape ecology and its application to managing forest resources in Karelia. It will be done mainly in the model territory Zaonezhye (pdf) and in comparison with the existing plan for the North-Karelian Biosphere Reserve with the recommendations for improvements. The landscape ecological planning will enable a balanced use of all forest resources with minimized negative ecological consequences, preserve biodiversity and recreational landscape values and promote preconditions for nature tourism. The activity includes preparations, collecting the maps, satellite and aerial images, fieldwork and GIS creation and analysis. Finally, the landscape ecological plans will be implemented in practice.

Output: Landscape ecological plan for model territory Zaonezhye



Photo : Vladimir Karpin

Photos: Landscape ecological planning allows to set aside biodiversity hot-spots: water protection forests, forest creeks etc. and to distinguish different functional zones based on natural borders between landscapes.

Border between plain and selg landscapes in the village Foimoguba.

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