From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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MULTIple Eco-Friendly FOrest use: Restoring Traditions

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Model Territories

Map of model territories (pdf). Existing or planned protected areas and research areas are shown with bold and dotted lines, respectively.

North-Karelian Biosphere Reserve NKBR

NKBR is situated in the easternmost part of Finland, next to the Russian border. It belongs to UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere programme. It provid es a 'reference' of sound local and regional development based on natural resources. It is also an unbiased “social interface” to the local population (training, information dissemination, organising events etc.)

Vodlozersky national park

The Vodlozersky National Park is the largest national park in the North-Western region. It has a 20- year experience in practical realization of the ideas of multiple forest use. The park's priorities - supporting nature based tourism and traditional forest use fits well to the MULTI EFFORT programme. Thus, the roles of 'dissemination platform' and the platform for practical realization of the multiple forest use and landscape plans are assigned to the Vodlozersky park. The park's stuff will also participate in the educational actions and promote traditional cultural initiatives (handcrafts).

In Vodlozersky one can find v ery valuable from nature conservation point of view o ld-growth forests, different peatlands and simply adore nature. Photos: V. Larionov

Northern Priladozhye (pdf)

The unique natural complex is located on the norther shore of one of the largest water bodies in Europe – Ladoga lake. Many rare, relict and endemic plant species found their home in mosaics of forests and agricultural lands. MULTI EFFORT will help in preparations to organize the national park i n Northern Priladozhye to protect valuable natral heritage from forest cutting, mining, cottage building and unregulated tourism.

Landscapes of Northern Priladozhye. Photos: Igor Georgievsky

Zaonezhye (pdf)

The territory is well known by its natural and cultural value. It includes forests of high conservation value, Unesco World heritage Kizhi. The ecological, economical and social problems are connected with more and more intensive use of timber, agricultural development, mining and intensive recreation. To prevent over-exploitation and depletion of forest resources and ensuring multiple use of other forest products, such as mushrooms, berries, game resources and medicine plants, the MULTI EFFORT landscape ecological planning is necessary. The activities are directed towards bridging the gap between the theory of landscape ecology and its application to managing forest resources, which will be done using existing co-operation with local administration, land-use planners, forest managers, conservationists, forest owners and other stake holders.

Beauty of Zaonezye. Photos: Vladimir Karpin

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