From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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ICI Vietnam and Nepal

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Kuva: Metla/Erkki Oksanen

Inter-institutional development cooperation for "Improving Research Capacity of Forest Resource Information Technology in Vietnam and Nepal"

The aim of the inter-institutional cooperation project is to develop the existing inventory techniques and data analysis procedures applied for the large-scale forest inventories in Nepal and Vietnam. The Finnish inventory procedures used and developed by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) are also tested, adjusted and further elaborated to the local conditions of the two long-term partner countries of Finland. The development activities are implemented and designed with a special focus on the human capacity development within the governmental forest research organisations participating in the project: the expertise of personnel in the partner Agencies is increased to the level required for advanced maintaining and use of the new data processing and analysis tools and inventory techniques. Therefore, a special emphasis is given to the training and reporting activities which concrete indicators are hands-on training periods, workshops and seminars, and project related publications such as seminar proceedings, technical notes and scientific articles.

The Vietnamese partner Agencies of the project are the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI) and the Vietnam Forestry University (VFU), whereas the Department of Forest Research and Survey (DFRS), Tribhuvan University’s Institute of Forestry (TU/IoF) and Kathmandu Forestry College (KaFCoL, affiliated with TU) are the Nepalese partner Agencies participating in the project. The ICI project is coordinated by the Finnish partner Agency, i.e. Metla.

The project activities are funded through the Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI), a financing tool of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) designed for the inter-institutional cooperation between the Finnish government offices and institutions and their counterparts in the developing countries. Through a competitive tendering, the MFA has selected the Finnish Consulting Group International Ltd (FCG) as a service provider to support the MFA and Finnish governmental Agencies in planning and implementation of the inter-institutional development cooperation. A nominated ICI consultant for this ICI project is Mr. Jorma Peltonen, Project Director at the FCG (e-mail:

The implementation of the inter-institutional cooperation project between the Nepalese, Vietnamese and Finnish forest research organisations started at the beginning of 2010. The project is scheduled for 30 effective months, and its budget is 499,731 Euros.

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