Metla Project 7205

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Russia - Finnish Business Opportunities

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Duration: 2005-2007   Keywords: Northwest Russia, energy wood, wood procurement
Research project group: Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities


Possibilities for Energy Wood Procurement and Use in Northwest Russia

It is possible to intensify utilisation of forest resources in Northwest Russia and thereby to increase use of wood in energy production. Possibilities for energy wood procurement and use in Northwest Russia are assessed in this study. As sources for energy production wood from thinnings, felling residues, non-industrial round wood and by-products from sawmilling will be considered, both technical and economical availability will be assessed in Leningrad region.

This project develops cost effective energy wood procurement systems, where Russian and Finnish technologies could be utilised. Further development of the Finnish technologies suitable for Northwest Russian conditions will be assessed.

Project is part of the research consortium Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Russia Finnish Business Opportunities, coordinated by the Lappeenranta University of Technology.


Available energy wood based on 2004 actual fellings, if collected, was approximately 4 million m. Nearly 90 % of it is non-industrial round wood and felling residues, and rest is by products from sawmilling. Total amount could be 72 % higher if allowable cut could be utilised completely and 16 5% higher if also thinnings could be utilised completely.

Project leader: Karjalainen, Timo
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3080

Other researchers: Gerasimov, Yury, JO (2005-07), Goltsev, Vadim (2005-06), Ilavsky, Jan, JO (2006-07), Tahvanainen, Timo (2006)

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