From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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The Future of the Finnish Forest Sector Research Project

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The project has ended.

The research group continues with another project ’Policy measures for sustainable use of natural resources’ which is carried out in cooperation with MTT Agrifood Research Finland and The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in 2012–2014.

Recent Results

Faster pace and wider perspective essential for forest sector renewal

The final report of the project was published on 15 February 2011 in a form of a book named ’After the Transition– The Future of the Finnish Forest Sector’ in Finnish.

The book analyses the current transition affecting the forest sector, as part of the global changes in the operating environment. It also examines the transition’s impacts on the sector’s future and on policies governing forest use. In addition, the book introduces a new numerical policy simulation model for the Finnish forest and energy sectors.

The Finnish forest sector is undergoing one of the most dramatic transitions in its history. As a result, Finland’s forest sector looks set to differ from its current situation in a number of ways. Besides the new forest industry products, the development is moving towards services related to the industry and forest resources. To make the most of these new opportunities, wider perspectives and more effective policy measures are needed, states the new book, which was edited by Metla’s researchers Lauri Hetemäki, Sini Niinistö, Risto Seppälä and Jussi Uusivuori.

Key findings are presented in the media release in English.


Renewable Energy and Climate Policies: Studies in the Forest and Energy Sector

Hanna-Liisa Kangas’s doctoral thesis was examined on 10 February 2012 at the University of Helsinki.


Outlook for Finland's Forest Industry Production and Wood Consumption

Lauri Hetemäki and Riitta Hänninen: Outlook for Finland’s Forest Industry Production and Wood Consumption for 2015 and 2020

Adaptation of Forests to Climate Change

Risto Seppälä, Alexander Buck and Pia Katila (eds.): Adaptation of Forests and People to Climate Change

Forest Based Energy and Policy

Hanna-Liisa Kangas, Jussi Lintunen and Jussi Uusivuori: The Cofiring Problem of a Power Plant under Policy Regulations

  • Abstract (pdf) of the paper published in Energy Policy 37(5) in 2009
  • Presentation (pdf) at the IFORS 2008 Conference in South Africa

Lauri Hetemäki: Creative destruction in Finland's forest sector

  • Article published in Metsäntutkimus 3 (2009) in 2009


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Future options of the Finnish forest sector are investigated in this study. We assess the effects of changes in the operating environment as well as the effects of different policy options on the use of forests. Central themes are forest-based bioenergy and climate-related services.

We have two subprojects in the project: (1) Scenarios of wellbeing produced by the forest sector and (2) Importance of forest sector in bioenergy production and mitigation of climate change. The aim of the first subproject is to examine, for each use of forests, the ability of forest sector to produce wellbeing based, for instance, on production and employment. The second subproject focuses on possibilities generated by the increased demand for bioenergy and climate-related services. For this purpose, a simulation model for analyzing the impacts of different measures of energy and climate policies on the Finnish forest sector is under development.

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