Metla Project 3580

Alien species and spruce pathogens

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Duration: 2012-2015   
Research project group:


During last years the number of alien pathogens detected in Finland has increased. All these introduced species had properties that promote a high risk of establishment and spread in nurseries, and also in nature. In this project we try to find out the distribution of some the non-indigenous pathogens present in Finland and study the infection biology and define host plants of each pathogen species. The main targit pathogens are Phytophtoras, Chalara fraxinea, Neonectria and Cronartium ribicola. The resistance of different tree origins were tested by inoculations with C. fraxinea and Neonectria fuckeliana. We would also like to reveal the fungal and microbial community in nursery seedlings of Norway spruce by traditional culturing and pyrosequencing taking samples from shoots, roots, growth medium and irrigation water.

Project leader: Uimari, Anne
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Suonenjoki Office, Juntintie 154, FI-77600 SUONENJOKI, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 2409

Other researchers: Hantula, Jarkko, VA (2015), Himanen, Katri, SU (2015), Kaitera, Juha, OU (2012-15), Lilja, Arja (2012-13), Napola, Jaakko, HA (2014-15), Napola, Marja-Leena, HA (2012-15), Pennanen, Taina, VA (2015), Petäistö, Raija-Liisa (2012-13), Vuorinen, Martti, SU (2013-15)

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