Metla Project 3537

Vegetative propagation of forest trees

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Duration: 2010-2016   Keywords: clonal testing, cryopreservation, cutting propagation, genetic resources, landscaping, organogenesis, rejuvenation, somatic embryogenesis, special forms, tissue culture, varietal forestry, vegetative propagation
Research Programme: Forests and silviculture in the future 2012-2016


The aim of the project is development of vegetative propagation methods to be used in the tree breeding programme, gene conservation, and production of plant materials for forest regeneration and landscaping purposes. The main emphasis is on tissue culture of conifers using somatic embryogenesis. This appraoch includes also studies of mature tree explants and factors affecting rejuvenation of tissues. Rooted cuttings are studied for clonal testing in tree breeding programme and for multiplication of ornamental trees. In addition, cryopreservation and regeneration techniques of endangered deciduous species are examined for gene conservation purposes.

Project leader: Aronen, Tuija
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Punkaharju Office, Finlandiantie 18, FI-58450 PUNKAHARJU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4233

Other researchers: Nikkanen, Teijo, PU (2012-15), Salonen, Sinikka (2011-15), Varis, Saila, PU (2015)

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