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International Symposium: Recent advances in land owner extension

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Special theme: Peer-to-peer learning among land owners

Kuusamo. Photos Teppo Hujala.


Kuusamo , Finland , April 3-5, 2011

Motivation and Themes

More and more land owners and forest owners live in urban areas away from their property and have no or weak connection to rural social networks. These people tend to be well-educated and have regular jobs far from land-based businesses or they are retired. They have varying perceptions of their land and multiple motivations towards different land use activities.

Simultaneously, demand for private land is increasing. Among other things, climate change mitigation opens new perspectives for sustainable land use relating e.g. to bioenergy, biodiversity, and new types of forest management . New forest-based industries like nature tourism and carbon markets as well as forests’ health impacts shape the discourse of rural land use. Today’s land owners tend to need more and more support, advice and education in making decisions about how to manage their land and what kind of voluntary practices or co-operatives they participate.

Consequently, education, information and guidance addressed to land owners need to take new and innovative forms in order to reach the target group and benefit both owners themselves and society in general. Traditional natural resource planning and guidance services can no longer fulfill the needs of a modern land owner. In addition to those, the organizing Nordic network of land owner researchers will contribute with facilitated workshops themes.


The Kuusamo Symposium will shed light on recent scientific research and practical experiences related to the new forms and approaches of land owner extension, forestry advisory, and rural communication. Presentations and workshops may cover, but are not limited to, aspects such as land owners’ collaboratives and co-operatives, cross-border co-operation, peer-to-peer learning, land owners’ social networks, innovation transfer activities, owner-targeted adult education in field settings, owner-oriented advisory services, cost-share programmes, and collaborative governance of renewable natural resources. General and specific contributions from different countries and continents are welcome.


Programme and presentations (pdf)

Saturday April 2nd: arrival, transport from Kuusamo airport to Oivanki, registration

Sunday April 3rd : introducing local context and specialities

  • Morning: free outdoor activities, optional organized skiing/ice fishing session
  • Welcome words after lunch
  • Afternoon and evening: a half-day field trip to Ruka area, including dinner

Monday April 4th : scientific programme

08:30–08:50 Welcome words, Heimo Karppinen




11:20–11:30 Discussion

Parallel sessions











Tuesday April 5th : workshop activity, wrap-up discussion, farewell lunch, departure



09:30–09:45 Introduction for group work, Nadarajah Sriskandarajah

09:45–10:45 Time for groups to compile their overviews

10:45–11:10 Concluding discussion

11:10–11:15 Closing of the Symposium, Heimo Karppinen


Feedback on symposium



Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla); University of Helsinki , and Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Main Coordinator: Dr. Jukka Tikkanen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland (jukka.tikkanen[at]

Scientific Committee

  • Head: professor Heimo Karppinen, Univ. of Helsinki , Finland (heimo.karppinen[at]
  • Jurij Begus (Slovenia Forest Service, Slovenia)
  • Tove Enggrob Boon (Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • John Herbohn (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)
  • Sjur Haanshus (SKI, Norway)
  • Michael G. Jacobson (Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Mikko Kurttila (Metla, Finland)
  • Dave McGill (West Virginia University, USA
  • Jukka Tikkanen (Oulu UAS, Finland)

Organizing committee

  • Head: D.Sc. Teppo Hujala, Metla, Finland (teppo.hujala[at]
  • Raili Hokajärvi (Oulu UAS, Finland)
  • Arja Maunumäki (Oulu UAS, Finland)
  • Outi Virkkula (Oulu UAS, Finland)
  • Katri Korhonen (Metla, Finland)
  • Anne Polojärvi (Kuusamo forest owners' assosiation, Finland)
  • Kaija Mielonen (Metla, Finland)
  • Contributors: NordPlus project “Mapping the peer-to-peer model for enhancing adult learning among land owners” ( ), and IUFRO Unit 3.08 Small-scale Forestry ( )

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