Metla Project 3520

Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook

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Duration: 2009-2012   Keywords: employment, forest industry products, forest sector, modelling , private forestry, roundwood, short-term forecasts
Research project group: Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities


The project publishes annually the Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook. The English version is abbreviated. The Outlook focuses on the business cycles of the Finnish forest industry and forestry. It gives an overview of the development of the entire forest sector and includes forecasts for the export volumes and prices of Finnish forest industry products, roundwood procurement and prices, the development of the employment and the profitability of private forestry. In addition, the Outlook contains short articles on topical matters. The project also develops contents and ways of publication of the Outlook as well as theoretical economic models behind the forecasts.

Project leader: Sevola, Yrjö

Other researchers: Aarnio, Jukka (2009), Hänninen, Riitta, VA (2009-12), Leppänen, Jussi, VA (2009-12), Mutanen, Antti, JO (2009-12), Ollonqvist, Pekka (2009-10), Uotila, Esa, VA (2009-12), Valtonen, Kari (2009-12), Viitala, Esa-Jussi, VA (2010-12), Viitanen, Jari, JO (2009-12), Västilä, Sinikka, VA (2010-12)

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