Metla Project 3504

Russia in flux - impacts of changes in forest and economic policy and business preconditions in Russia and Finland

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Duration: 2008-2010   Keywords: Russia, business culture, business management, business network, forest policy, forest resources, international trade, investments, joint interest companies, roundwood, sawnwood, stumpage prices
Research project group: Developing Forest Sector in Russia and Central and East European Countries - Impacts in Finland


Russia aims to increase use of forest resources and capacity of forest industries and this way to bring forest sector among one of the key sectors in the whole Federation. Means for developing forest sector include, among others, recently adopted forest code, use of custom policy and benefits for investors. This project consortium includes 3 subprojects which aim to increase understanding of the changes taking place in the Russian forest sector, which are related in particular to forest policy, foreign trade of roundwood and sawn wood, business opportunities of forest and woodworking industry. Changes are studied in particular from the view point of the Finnish forest sector. Research will provide information that will help the Finnish forest sector to extent possible to be prepared, and to be able to adapt and react on changes in the operational environment.

Subproject 1 is studying implementation and impacts of Russian forest policy in Russia and Finland, and thus providing frame of reference for subprojects 2 and 3. Subproject 2 is studying impacts of decreasing import of roundwood in the Finnish roundwood market and the role of Russia in the export market of sawn wood. Subproject 3 is studying how to compensate Finnish forest and wood working industry value chains that have been based on imported roundwood from Russian with direct investments of Finnish companies to business in Russia or with networking or with other kind of cooperation with Russian partner companies.

Project leader: Karjalainen, Timo
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PO Box 68 (Yliopistokatu 6), FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3080

Other researchers: Gerasimov, Yury, JO (2009-10), Hautamäki, Sanna (2008), Karvinen, Sari, JO (2009), Kilpeläinen, Harri, JO (2008-09), Kähkönen, Tanja (2008), Leinonen, Timo, JO (2008-09), Mutanen, Antti, JO (2008,2010), Ollonqvist, Pekka, JO (2008-10), Pirhonen, Ilkka, JO (2008), Tirkkonen, Hanna-Riikka (2009), Toropainen, Mikko, JO (2008-10), Verkasalo, Erkki, JO (2008), Viitanen, Jari, JO (2008-10), Välkky, Elina, JO (2009-10), Wall, Tapio, JO (2009)

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