Metla Project 3491

Impact of climate change on C and N transformations in organic soils

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Duration: 2008-2012   Keywords: carbon transformations, climate change, fungi, green house gases, microbial biomass, nitrogen transformations, organic soils
Research Programme: Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest resources in changing climate


Peatlands form an important but labile store of carbon and nitrogen, even in the global scale, Global change, including climatic warming and land-use change impacts on vegetation and soil processes, may have drastic feedback effects between these stores and the atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

The changes may be beneficial for certain land-uses, for instance growth conditions in drained peatland forests may improve in a warmer climate with enhanced soil processes and physical soil conditions.

International climate conventions require reliable reporting of greenhouse gas emissions from land-use. Soil of drained peatlands is a significant pool of carbon and therefore improvement of the present emission estimate, which involves great uncertainties, is needed. The general aim of the project is to assess the impacts of rising temperatures on the transformations of C and N in peat soil, and the effects on greenhouse gas exchange. On one hand the objectives are linked to growth conditions of peatland forests, on the other hand to improved methods in national greenhouse gas inventory.

Project leader: Sarjala, Tytti
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Parkano Office, Kaironiementie 15, FI-39700 PARKANO, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4064

Other researchers: Badorek, Tiina (2008-09), Fritze, Hannu, VA (2010), Hartman, Markus, VA (2009-12), Heiskanen, Juha, SU (2008), Laine, Jukka (2008-09), Penttilä, Timo, VA (2008-12), Silvan, Niko, PA (2012), Vuosku, Jaana (2011)

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