Metla Project 3464

Russian, Central and Eastern European Forestry Info Service

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Duration: 2007-2009   Keywords: Russia, countries with transition economy, international forestry, sustainable forestry
Research project group: Developing Forest Sector in Russia and Central and East European Countries - Impacts in Finland


Aim of this project is to answer the information needs of the Finnish interest groups on issues related to forest sectors of Russia and Central and Eastern European countries. The project develops and updates existing Russian Forestry Information Service (see, and expands information services to cover also Central and Eastern European countries with economies in transition.

Russian Forestry Information Service will be updated weekly with news about Russian forestry, being to a large extent based on Russian sources. New information will be produced as a result of continuous follow up and analysis of the development in Russian forest sector and forest research. In Russian side, knowledge about Finnish forest sector will be increased through a parallel Internet service, published in Russian language.

Service will be expanded to cover new EU member and accession countries, as well as other countries with economies in transition having substantial forest resources. Basic information about forestry, expert analyses and articles about the state of forest sector, as well as topical information about the extensive changes in forestry and forest policy of the countries in question will be produced. The service is also an important means for disseminating results of other Russian and CEE country related forest research and development projects.

Project leader: Välkky, Elina
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PO Box 68 (Yliopistokatu 6), FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 5188

Other researchers: Arponen, Juha (2006), Kannisto, Kari (2006), Karjalainen, Timo, JO (2009), Karvinen, Sari, JO (2007-09), Leinonen, Ljudmila (2005-07), Leinonen, Timo, JO (2009), Marttila, Juhani, JO (2006), Nylander, Anne, JO (2009)

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