Metla Project 3441

Climate policies and the forest sector

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Duration: 2007-2011   Keywords: business processes, carbon sink, climate change, emission trading, environmental efficiency, forest sector, profitability of forestry, substitution, timber markets, value chains
Research Programme: Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest resources in changing climate


Forests and forest sector will play an important role in climate policies in the future. This project focuses on climate policy tools that could be applied in forest sector related to carbon sequestration, and energy and material substitution. In terms of forest related markets, these can be targeted on both the demand and supply side. Institutional feasibility of potential policies and their impacts are analyzed. In particular we study the climatic effects and effects on forest owner behaviour, timber markets, forest structure and profitability of private forests. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of policy measures will be explored. We develop a model framework that enables integration of life cycle impacts on climate and economy with market responses

Project leader: Uusivuori, Jussi
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Unit, PO Box 18 (Jokiniemenkuja 1), FI-01301 VANTAA, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 5505

Other researchers: Kallio, Maarit, VA (2007), Kangas, Hanna-Liisa (2010), Kyllönen, Juhapekka (2009), Laturi, Jani, VA (2007), Lintunen, Jussi, VA (2010-11), Lähtinen, Katja (2009), Piironen, Ilona (2010), Pohjola, Johanna (2007-08,2011), Räty, Tarmo, JO (2009-10), Saastamoinen, Antti (2008), Seppälä, Risto (2007-11), Sievänen, Risto, VA (2007), Vanhatalo, Anna (2007)

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