Metla Project 3408

Restoration of mires and forests in northern Finland

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Duration: 2005-2009   Keywords: aapa mires, decaying wood, forest restoration, mire restoration, natural forests, periodic burning, reforestation of forest roads
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The project aims at investigating how restoration practices work to re-establish mires and forests to their original state and function. For this purpose a restoration area network will be established in Northern Finland. The research is carried out at soil uplift mires of Bothian Gulf, at European Alder swamps, and at Natura 2000 –areas of Koillismaa and Kainuu. Mires will be restored by damming or blocking ditches and by removing trees. Recovery of mire vegetation, growth dynamics of European Alder, and mire hydrology will be studied prior to and after mire restoration practices. Forests will be restored by controlled burnings, simulations of storm damage, damaging or felling trees and by reforesting disused forest roads. Variables under research will be the recovery of plant, fungi and insect species, structure and regeneration of trees, soil nutrients after controlled burnings, and the development of organic matter and root system after reforestation of forest roads. The scale of impacts of restoration will be investigated using spatial modelling and picture measurement methods. Information obtained from the project will be needed at the development towards more practicable and cost efficient restoration methods.

Project leader: Tolvanen, Anne
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Oulu Unit, PO Box 413 (Rakentajantie 3), FI-90014 Oulun yliopisto, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3782

Other researchers: Huotari, Noora (2006), Hökkä, Hannu, RO (2009), Juntunen, Katja (2009), Leppälä, Mirva, MU (2009), Pesonen, Erkki, VA (2005-07,2009), Päätalo, Marja-Leena, MU (2006-09), Sarjala, Tytti, PA (2009), Siitonen, Juha, VA (2008-09), Tarvainen, Oili, MU (2005-09)

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