Metla Project 3403

Wood harvesting technology and wood procurement in Finland and in the EU

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Duration: 2005   Keywords: forest technology, logistics, simulation, wood harvesting, wood procurement


The main objective of the project is to analyse the impacts of the changing environment of wood procurement on the organisation, logistics and economy of forest operations from the viewpoints of forest companies and forest machine entrepreneurs. The sub project 1 investigates the impacts of regional harvesting entrepreneurship on technological and logistical solutions of operations and their costs. In addition, the needs of training and education of personnel associated with these changes are studied. In the second sub project a model of technology transfer based on finding of other field is developed for forest technology. The model is further developed and tested by various case studies. The export possibilities of Finnish forest machinery are estimated in EU25 countries taking the environmental and organisational conditions into account. In the third sub project evaluation methods for the suitability of wheeled forest machines are development both at stand and country level.

Project leader: Asikainen, Antti
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3250

Other researchers: Ala-Ilomäki, Jari, VA (2005-06), Heikkilä, Jani, PA (2005-06), Kiljunen, Nuutti, SU (2006), Parikka, Heikki, JO (2005), Pykäläinen, Jouni, JO (2006), Rummukainen, Arto, VA (2005), Röser, Dominik, JO (2005), Sikanen, Lauri, JO (2005), Siren, Matti, VA (2005), Väätäinen, Kari, JO (2005)

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