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National Forest Inventory 10

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Duration: 2004-2025   Keywords: forest inventories, forest mensuration, forest resources, growing stock, remote sensing
Research project group: National Forest Inventory


The aim of the NFI10 is to produce up-to-date information on forest resources and state of forests for local, national and international needs. Main users of the forest information are regional Forestry Centres, national forest and environment authorities, forest industry and researchers. To meet the need for up-to-date forest information, two major changes were made in the NFI10 compared to the previous inventories:

The national forest inventory system and NFI10 are described in more detail in the following pages:

NFI Homepage 
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Multi-source NFI 
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NFI Media releases 


According to the latest surveys, the growing stock of Finnish forests is 2 206 million cubic metres and the annual increment of growing stock 99.5 million cubic metres. Half of the stock consists of Scots pine, less than one third of Norway spruce, 12% of common white birch, 4% of silver birch, and the remainder of other deciduous and coniferous tree species. The annual drain (fellings and natural losses) over the last five years has been 70% of the average increment during the same period.

More information about the latest results can be found in the press releases.

Project leader: Korhonen, Kari Tapani
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Joensuu Office, PO Box 68 (Yliopistokatu 6), FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3030

Other researchers: Ahola, Arto, VA (2011-15), Alm, Jukka, JO (2013-14), Eerikäinen, Kalle, JO (2011-12), Haakana, Helena, VA (2011-15), Heikkinen, Juha, VA (2015), Henttonen, Helena, VA (2011-12,2015), Hotanen, Juha-Pekka, JO (2011-15), Hyvönen, Pekka, JO (2011-15), Ihalainen, Antti, VA (2011-15), Lier, Markus, JO (2015), Mattila, Eero (2011-14), Mattila, Harri (2011-14), Mattila, Ulla (2011-13), Mikkola, Kari, RO (2011-14), Muinonen, Eero (2011), Mäkisara, Kai, VA (2011-15), Nevalainen, Seppo, JO (2012-15), Packalen, Tuula, JO (2011-12), Parikka, Heikki (2011-14), Pekkarinen, Anssi, VA (2015), Pitkänen, Juho, JO (2011-15), Pyy, Veera (2011), Sirkiä, Seija (2011-12), Strandström, Mikael, VA (2011-15), Tuominen, Sakari, VA (2011-15), Viiri, Heli, JO (2011-12)

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