Metla Project 3400

Sustainable multiple use of forests in northern Lapland

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Duration: 2004-2008   Keywords: Reindeer husbandry, forestry, game management, multiple use, nature conservation, nature-based tourism, outdoor recreation, participatory planning, property- and use-rights, regional development, sustainability
Research Programme: Wellbeing from forests


Brief description of the project

Conflicts between state forestry and reindeer husbandry have become more and more serious during the recent few years in northernmost Finnish Lapland. This project focuses to produce scientific knowledge, practical instruments, alternatives and decision support for planning and organization of land use in the area. The final goal is to organize the land use in Lapland in ecologically and socio-economically sustainable way. The project contains 5 sub-projects, which apply a multidisciplinary approach. Results of the project will be generally applicable.

Project leader: Hyppönen, Mikko
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Rovanniemi Office, PL 16, FI-96301 ROVANIEMI, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4420

Other researchers: Ahtikoski, Anssi, RO (2006-08), Hakkarainen, Maria (2005), Hallikainen, Ville, RO (2004-08), Helle, Timo, RO (2005-08), Ikonen, Arsi (2004), Jokinen, Mikko, KO (2005-08), Luhta, Vesa (2007), Mattila, Eero, RO (2006-07), Mikkola, Kari, RO (2005-08), Naskali, Arto, RO (2005-08), Nikula, Ari, RO (2008), Paala, Sanna (2005), Pirkonen, Jussi (2004-05), Repola, Jaakko, RO (2006), Salminen, Hannu, RO (2008), Tuulentie, Seija, RO (2005-08), Varmola, Martti, RO (2005,2008), Vatanen, Eero (2004-05,2007), West, Nina (2005-06)

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