Metla Project 3398

Success factors of wooden house and other woodworking firms in a changing competitive environment

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Duration: 2004-2009   Keywords: business concepts, business networks, entrepreneurship policy, innovations, knowledge capital, socio-economic structures, woodworking industry
Research Programme: Renewing wood product value chains and timber procurement solutions


The project’s concern is to explore factors of competitive advantage for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Finnish wood construction industry that are related to the properties and use of wood raw material. The project primarily deals with questions related to strategic management, leadership and governance but includes the business environment as well. The study focus on information management, knowledge capital, innovation activity, business networks and business consepts. The study stresses factors related to the properties and use of wood as raw material that are important for the competetiveness and business success of the enterprises in question. An in-depth examination of the potential of policy means is done in a special study.

In an initial study the enterprises that constitute the target group of the project are categorised. The project concludes with an examination of business concepts that are appropriate regarding the future competitive environment of the industry. This work draws upon the results achieved during the prior course of the project. It is the intention to organise the research activities in internal coordination with the research programm ‘Potentials for the utilisation of roundwood and wood raw materials in relation to the wood product markets’ (PKM) at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) as well as externally with the national innovation network of the Centre of Expertise for Wood Products (PuuOsk), with the COST Action E30 (Economic Integration of Urban Consumers’ Demand and Rural Forestry Production) and with the EU-project ‘Policy and Innovation in Low Tech Knowledge Formation, Employment and Growth Contributions of the ‘Old Economy’ Industries in Europe´ (PILOT).

Project leader: Ollonqvist, Pekka

Other researchers: Holopainen, Päivi (2004), Lähtinen, Katja (2004-07), Marttila, Juhani, JO (2007-09), Petäjistö, Leena, VA (2004-06,2009), Pirhonen, Ilkka, JO (2008), Rimmler, Thomas, JO (2004-09), Selby, Ashley, VA (2004-09), Toropainen, Mikko, JO (2005-06,2008-09), Vatanen, Eero (2005)

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