Metla Project 3396

Quality control in forest regeneration in private forests

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Duration: 2004-2006   Keywords: Forest regeneration, forestry association, private forestry, quality control, quality management
Research project group: Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities


The aim of the project is to implement a quality control system in private forest regeneration in Finland. This quality control system was developed in an earlier project (Metla project 3256) and will now be adapted to the normal operation of local forestry associations and forestry centers. The effects of the quality control in forest regeneration activities will be analyzed through a second inventory of regeneration results in the forestry associations which participated in the first round of inventories in 2000-2002. The quality work in forest regeneration activities will be started in forestry associations with quality seminars and special development projects focusing on main local problems. Forest regeneration chains will be analyzed as processes in their local operational environments and criteria and control points for different activities in forest regeneration will be established. The entire quality management system in forest regeneration will be submitted for evaluation at the end the project.

Project leader: Saksa, Timo
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Suonenjoki Office, Juntintie 154, FI-77600 SUONENJOKI, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4834

Other researchers: Rossi, Pekka (2005)

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