Metla Project 3390

Responses of forest trees to changing environment

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Duration: 2004-2007   Keywords: Betula pendula, Norway spruce, allocation, aspen, carbon dioxide, cellulosa, climate change, clone, cork oak, field experiment, growth, hemicellulosa, lignin, nitrogen, open genetically modifield plants, ozone, paper birch, photosynthesis, sugar maple, temperature, wood chemical composition
Research project group: Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems


The project consists of four subprojects where we will study the impacts of changing growth environment on growth, metabolism, wood properties and light intercepton on forest trees.

Project leader: Vapaavuori, Elina
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Suonenjoki Office, Juntintie 154, FI-77600 SUONENJOKI, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4888

Other researchers: Kaakinen, Seija, SU (2006-07), Kontunen-Soppela, Sari, SU (2005-08), Poteri, Marja, SU (2004-07), Riikonen, Johanna (2005), Smolander, Heikki, SU (2004-07)

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