Metla Project 3387

Forest regeneration and afforestation on peatlands

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Duration: 2004-2007   Keywords: Norway spruce, Peatland, Scots pine, competition, forest drainage, ground vegetation, ground water, natural regeneration, peat, planting, seed crop, seedling growth, seedling stand, soil preparation, sowing, survival
Research project group: Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems


The project covers all of the important questions related to the afforestation and regeneration of peatland forests. It is mainly based on material generated in a number of earlier sub-projects, and the aim is to achieve as comprehensive a research entity as possible. The project is divided into seven sub-projects. They deal with effects of the special properties of peat substrates on seed germination and the initial development of germlings. Also differences between regeneration methods and selection criteria based on regeneration results and regeneration economics are studied. The breakdown of these sub-projects is as follows:

  1. Peat properties and the moisture content of the germination medium in the site preparation of peatlands
  2. Comparison of forest regeneration methods for old drainage areas
  3. Economics of regeneration alternatives
  4. Early development of peatland forests and the effect of seedling stand tending
  5. Exploitation of advance growth in the regeneration of peatland forests
  6. Effects of typical ground vegetation and vegetation changes on the development of a seedling stand
  7. Quality and condition of seedling stands and the factors affecting them

Project leader: Saarinen, Markku
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Parkano Office, Kaironiementie 15, FI-39700 PARKANO, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4058

Other researchers: Alenius, Virpi, RO (2007), Aro, Lasse, PA (2004-07), Heikkilä, Jani (2006), Hotanen, Juha-Pekka, JO (2004-05), Hytönen, Jyrki, KA (2004-07), Hökkä, Hannu, RO (2004-07), Jylhä, Paula, KA (2004-07), Kinnunen, Kaarlo, PA (2005), Kojola, Soili (2006), Moilanen, Mikko, MU (2004-07), Nousiainen, Hannu, VA (2004-05), Penttilä, Timo, VA (2006), Repola, Jaakko, RO (2004-07), Silfverberg, Klaus, VA (2004-07), Siren, Matti, VA (2006)

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