Metla Project 3386

Nutrient amounts and nutrient dynamics in drained peatland

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Duration: 2004-2008   Keywords: C/N ratio in peat, ditching, ectomycorrhiza, fertilization, forest economics, forest improvement, forest regeneration, forestry, fungal biomass, microbial activity, multivariate methods, nitrogen mineralization, nutrient content, peat, peatland forestry, silviculture, site type, soil improvement, wood production
Research project group: Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems


Objectives: 1) To determine the amount of nutrients in drained peatland, their relation to site type and to forest growth in different climate and vegetation zones including the nutrient losses due to thinnings and cutting. 2) To determine the potential wood production capacity of a drained peatland site type on the basis of its nitrogen concentration and availability in different climate zones. 3) To monitor the annual nutrient status of standard peatland forests and their vegetation. 4) To determine a balanced nutrient status in peatland forest in relation to wood production.

An adequate nitrogen supply is the basis for sustainable and profitable wood production on peat soils. The long term benefits of the work will lead to sustainable production of timber on nutrient poor soils such as reduced inputs as fertilizers and drainage intensity, where the economics of forestry is currently marginal. Where the nitrogen supply is adequate the work will provide a basis for determining the optimum requirements of other limiting nutrients and thus avoid excessive fertilizer inputs.

Project leader: Pietiläinen, Pekka
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Oulu Unit, PL 413, FI-90014 Oulun yliopisto, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3744

Other researchers: Alm, Jukka, JO (2004-08), Aro, Lasse, PA (2007-08), Hartman, Markus, VA (2004-08), Heinonen, Riitta, VA (2004-05), Hotanen, Juha-Pekka, JO (2004,2008), Hytönen, Jyrki, KA (2004-08), Hökkä, Hannu, RO (2004-05), Juutinen, Sari (2004), Karsisto, Marjut (2004-06), Kitunen, Veikko, ME (2004-05), Koskela, Merja-Leena, ME (2005), Laiho, Raija (2004), Moilanen, Mikko, MU (2004-09), Nieminen, Mika, VA (2004-08), Piiroinen, Marja-Leena, MU (2004,2006), Ruokolainen, Maija, ME (2004), Saarinen, Markku, PA (2005,2007), Sarjala, Tytti, PA (2004-08), Silfverberg, Klaus, VA (2004-09)

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