Metla Project 3384

Development of Forest Sector in Northwest Russia and its impact in Finland

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Duration: 2004-2007   Keywords: Finland, Russia, forest industry investments, forest policy, forestry, legislation, long distance transportation, national forest programme, silviculture, technology transfer, trade of forest industry products, trade of roundwood, wood harvesting, wood procurement
Research project group: Distinct projects - Social impact of forests


The consortium of 9 relevant and internationally recognized research and education organizations with the broad international cooperation deal with the project objectives to produce deeper understanding on the dynamics and integration of forest sector in Russia. Research focus is upon Northwest (NW) Russia, and includes four interactive subprojects covering forest policy and essential parts of forest management, wood harvesting, forest industry and trade of roundwood and wood products as well as the impacts of changes in the Russian forest sector into Finnish forest sector. Specific objectives are

Project background
  1. Forest policy, politics and forest programmes in Russia
  2. Intensification of forest management and improvement of wood harvesting in Northwest Russia
  3. Export of roundwood and sawnwood from Russia and effects on market competition
  4. Forest industry investments and economic effects of wood flows on local and regional communities in northwest Russia and Finland

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Persons participating at the Finnish Forest Research Institute

Project leader: Karjalainen, Timo
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3080

Other researchers: Gerasimov, Yury, JO (2004-07), Goltsev, Vadim (2005,2007), Holopainen, Päivi (2005), Karvinen, Sari, JO (2005,2007), Kilpeläinen, Harri, JO (2007), Lehtonen, Mika, VA (2004), Leinonen, Timo, JO (2004-07), Mutanen, Antti, JO (2004-07), Ollonqvist, Pekka, JO (2004-07), Rummukainen, Arto, VA (2007), Sikanen, Lauri, JO (2004), Toppinen, Anne, JO (2004-06), Toropainen, Mikko, JO (2004-07), Tyukina, Olga (2004-06), Verkasalo, Erkki, JO (2006-07), Viitanen, Jari, JO (2004-07), Välkky, Elina, JO (2004-07), Wall, Tapio, JO (2007)

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