Metla Project 3378

Greenhouse gas (CH4 ja N2O) release in wetland buffer ecosystems after nutrient release from forestry practices

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Duration: 2003-2007   Keywords: buffer zone, carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas, methane, nitrous oxide, wetland
Research project group: Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems


Clear-cut and soil amelioration cause nutrient release over time and space in the catchment. This study follows the dynamics of greenhouse gases in wetland buffer zones left between the and the water outlet of the catchment. Possible transformation of nitrogen into nitrous oxide and increase in anaerobic decomposition by means of methane exchange between soil and the atmosphere within the buffer zone is evaluated. The aim is to predict the extent and volume of greenhouse gas emissions in the wetland buffer, and find prerequisites for the buffer construction in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by forestry.

Project leader: Alm, Jukka
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3107

Other researchers: Shurpali, Narasinha (2003-04)

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Updated 12.06.2012