Metla Project 3363

Control of wood properties by the means of forest tree breeding and silviculture

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Duration: 2002-2006   Keywords: forest tree breeding, silviculture, wood chemistry, wood properties, wood structure
Research project group: Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities


The aim of the study is to investigate variation of wood properties like basic density, strength and fibre properties mainly in Norway spruce. Decay resistance of heartwood in Scots pine will be also studied. The aim is to investigate the possibilities to affect on the properties, which are important for different end-use purposes by means of selected seed/seedling material and by forest management. Special attention is paid on methods that are possible to apply on large forest areas and on forest management that affect especially on quality of pulpwood.

This is a multidisciplinary project, which means co-operation between wood material researchers, forest tree breeders, silviculturists and growth and yield researchers. The project is divided into five subprojects:
  1. Variation and control of wood properties
  2. Effect of environmental factors on wood structure and chemistry
  3. Development of a method based on the diffraction monochromatic light in order to study wood structure
  4. Biosynthesis, structure and modification of lignin
  5. Amount and decay resistance of pine as subjects for breeding programs

The project is done in collaboration with the Metla units in Vantaa, Joensuu, Suonenjoki and Punkaharju. National co-operation with University of helsinki, Department of Physics and Biocenter, University of Joensuu, KCL Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute and VTT.

International collaboration has been coordinated through COST projects [COST E10 (1997-2001) and E20 (1999-2004)] and through IUFRO unit 5.01 Wood quality. Our most important partners are from Sweden, Germany, France and Austria. The collaboration mainly consists of researcher exchange and comparison of methods.

Project leader: Saranpää, Pekka
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Unit, PL 18, FI-01301 VANTAA, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 2340

Other researchers: Hamina, Sasu (2006), Harju, Anni, PU (2003-06), Jaakkola, Tuula, VA (2006), Kukkola, Eija (2005), Miettinen, Antti (2003), Mäkinen, Harri, VA (2002-06), Pesonen, Erkki, VA (2002-06), Piispanen, Riikka, VA (2003-06), Pulkkinen, Minna (2003), Raiskila, Sanni (2004-06), Tuimala, Aili, VA (2002-06), Velling, Pirkko, VA (2003-04), Venäläinen, Martti, PU (2002-06)

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