Metla Project 3359

Timber scaling for quantity and quality

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Duration: 2002-2007   Keywords: scaling of timber by harvesters, the loader mounted scales of a timber tr, timber assortments, timber quality, timber scaling , variations in the weight of timber, weight scaling
Research Programme: Potentials for the utilisation of roundwood and wood raw materials in relation to the wood product markets


The research project investigates the use and the potential of loader-mounted scales of timber truck for scaling pulpwood, in order to develop a simple and feasible scaling method for small timber lots at the road side. The other subjects of the project cover the methods of harvester scaling and weight scaling. The main subject is to determine the basis for scaling of energy wood. In addition the effects of timber lot volume on the accuracy in timber scaling are studiet.


Studies on the use of loader-mounted scales of timber trucks for scaling small lots of pulpwood are ready and the summary of the results will be published in 2004. This method is more accurate than the pile scaling method, and is well feasible for the modern wood procurement chain. The parts of commercial timber scaling agreed to adopt the method for test use in the early 2003. The use of the method requires monitoring the accuracy in weighing, but control of the final results of volume is not possible after the actual measurement operiation.

Collaboration studies with the harvester manufacturers and forest companies proved that the technical improvements in the cutting heads of harvesters to reduce bark loss did not weaken the accuracy in the volume scaling results. Studies on timber scaling with harvesters will be continued in 2004, concentrating on multiple-stem harvesters.

In the next years, research and development of scaling energy wood (small-wood from young stands, logging residues, stump and root wood) will be stressed in the project.

Project leader: Lindblad, Jari
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 3072

Other researchers: Junkkonen, Reijo (2005), Kainulainen, Jouni (2005), Korpunen, Heikki, PA (2005), Verkasalo, Erkki, JO (2003-06)

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