Metla Project 3351

The narrow crowned spruce as a fibre crop tree

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Duration: 2002-2005   Keywords: Spruce , biomass allocation, crown competition, fibre characteristics, narrow crown form


1) what is the competition ability of spruces with different type of crowns? 2) what kind relationships there are between crown types and biomass allocation? 3) what kind or relationship there are between fibres and competition ability (wood production ability)?

Project leader: Pulkkinen, Pertti
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Haapastensyrjä Office, Haapastensyrjäntie 34, FI-12600 LÄYLIÄINEN, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 2924

Other researchers: Haapanen, Matti, VA (2002-03)

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Updated 12.06.2012