Metla Project 3342

LIGNUM model and its applications

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Duration: 2002-2007   
Research Programme: Alternatives of silvicultural practices in forest management and their effects on forest production


The model LIGNUM is developed and applied to specific research tasks.
The specific goals of this project are:
1. To apply LIGNUM in a number of research projects of Metla
2. Produce software "Workbench LIGNUM"
3. Develop LIGNUM through national and international cooperation.

Information on model LIGNUM

Project leader: Sievšnen, Risto
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Unit, PL 18, FI-01301 VANTAA, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 5487

Other researchers: Heikura, Tuukka (2003-04), Kalliokoski, Tuomo, VA (2005-08), Nygren, Pekka (2005), Perttunen, Jari, VA (2003-07)

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