Metla Project 3335

Technology, organising and logistics of plantation forestry

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Duration: 2002-2006   Keywords: mechanisation, costs, logistics, nursery, plantations, regeneration , technology
Research project group: Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities


Objectives of the project is to study the organisation, logistics, management systems, mechanisation and method development of plantation forestry in Finland by such a way that costs can be diminished and quality of work improved.. The project includes research activities concerning the organising and logistics of operations, work studies of machines and work methods, entreprenourship aspects and quality management and motivation systems.


Mechanized planting results as good quality of work as that of manual planting. Unit costs are still a little bit higher, but a new machine in very promising in that respect. Forwarder mounted mounders decrease costs when compared with the excavator mounted ones, but the quality of work is not in the same level. It is in a reasonable level if logging residues have been harvested. Harvesting of logging residues decreases mounding and planting costs ca. 20 per cent. Right timing in tending of young stand is a key factor in cost-efficiency. Two years delay from the optimum time may increase costs more than 20 per cent. Most economical logistic systems for seedling distribution and planting activities are based on customer outlets. The seedling producer optimizes the seedling supply to the outlets and entrepreneurs and workers take care of further delivery in connection of their travel to the work sites. Finnish nursery companies and nursery units seems still to be too small to gain real benefits of scale.

Project leader: Harstela, Pertti

Other researchers: Asikainen, Antti, JO (2003), Helenius, Pekka, SU (2003-05), Hynynen, Jari, VA (2003), Kanninen, Kaija, VA (2002-06), Kiljunen, Nuutti, SU (2002-06), Lehtonen, Mika, VA (2003), Luoranen, Jaana, SU (2004-06), Rantala, Juho, SU (2002-06), Saarinen, Veli-Matti (2002-03), Tahvanainen, Timo (2003)

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