Metla Project 3297

Growth disturbance in spruce forests on burn-beaten area

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Duration: 2000-2004   Keywords: Thekopsora areolata, boron, cell injury, die-back in leader shoot, growth disturbance, micro nutrientss, nutrient defciency


The aim is to solve the reasons for the growth disturbances appearing in forests on mineral soils and to find the means to avoid the disturbances with aid of balanced nutrient availability. Regionally the project will be accentuated in eastern Finland where disturbed spruce forests are found relatively abundant.

Project leader: Rikala, Risto

Other researchers: Kitunen, Veikko, ES (2001-04), Kytö, Maarit, VA (2004), Repo, Tapani, JO (2000,2002), Räisänen, Mikko (2001-02), Saarsalmi, Anna, VA (2000-04), Sutinen, Sirkka, JO (2000-04), Tamminen, Pekka, VA (2000-04), Vuorinen, Martti, SU (2000-04)

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