METLA Project 3294

Needle proxies as environmental indicators

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Duration: 2000-2004   Keywords: NTM, Pinus sp., climate modelling, dendrochronology, height increment, needle production, needle retention, needle trace method, radial increment, time series


1. The reliability, accuracy and function of the Needle Trace Method (NTM) is tested mainly on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) but other conifers, too. The European-wide usefulness of NTM is clarified. NTM technique and needle proxies are further developed. 2. To retrospectively reveal the natural and anthropogenic variation of needle parameters such as needle age, needle retention and needle production by constructing long-term time series for them. The influence of pollutants, biotic agents and abiotic phenomena on forest health are evaluated. Further, the role of the silvicultural status of forests on the needle parameters is investigated. 3. To solve the problem how to use NTM in the past climate construction by using needle proxies in the multiproxy approach.

Project leader: Jalkanen, Risto
Metsäntutkimuslaitos, Rovanniemi Research Station, PL 16 (Eteläranta 55) 96301 ROVANIEMI, phone +358-(0)16-336 411, fax +358-(0)16-336 4640, e-mail

Other researchers: Kurkela, Timo, VA (2001), Salminen, Hannu, RO (2000-01)

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