Metla Project 3292

Models, planning and decision support for multi-functional forestry

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Duration: 2000-2004   Keywords: Landscape ecology, modelling, multi-objective forest planning, optimization, risk and uncertainty, spatial analysis


The study aims at developing methods, techniques and models for tactical and strategic forest management planning with multiple objectives, to be especially applied at forest holding and area level. The aim is that the results of the study will be not only scientifically valid and of high level but also useful in practical planning tasks. Study results will be tested in close co-operation with forestry practice. This co-operation serves as technology transfer and dissemination of research. It also gives feedback which can be utilized in identificating further development needs. The aim of the study is to produce alleviation particularly for the following bottlenecks of today's forest planning: commensuration of different forest uses and objectives in planning calculations, multi-objective forestry optimization, producing efficient production programmes in case of multi-functional forestry, applying optimization in group decision support, managing risk and uncertainty, integrating ecological and recreational objectives into multiple criteria comparison of alternative plans, modelling expert knowledge, spatial modelling and spatial optimization, integrating numerical tools into the planning process.


Forest management planning has been developed in order to better answer the challenges of today's forest planning, and to be prepared to meet tomorrow's planning needs.

For example, the studies on the following topics have already been published: During the year 2001, the project published 20 articles in peer- reviewed journals or books, and about 50 other writings on the studies and their results. Please, take a look at the list of the project's publications!

Project leader: Pykäläinen, Jouni
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Joensuu Office, PL 68, FI-80101 JOENSUU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 5043

Other researchers: Alenius, Virpi, RO (2000-04), Haara, Arto (2003), Heinonen, Tiina (2003), Immonen, Ilkka (2000-01), Kangas, Annika (2001-02), Kangas, Jyrki (2000-03), Kilpeläinen, Harri, JO (2002), Kulkki, Katri (2003-04), Kurttila, Mikko, JO (2001-04), Leskinen, Leena, JO (2000), Leskinen, Pekka, JO (2001-04), Mehtätalo, Lauri, JO (2001-03), Melkas, Timo (2002-03), Nikula, Ari, RO (2000-04), Pasanen, Karri, JO (2002-03), Pesonen, Mauno (2000), Rautjärvi, Nina, VA (2002-03), Store, Ron, KA (2000-04)

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