Metla Project 3220

Natural usability of Finnish wood species in buildings

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Duration: 1997-2002   Keywords: Scots pine, Siberian larch, brown rot fungus, decay resistance, genetic variation, heartwood, phenolic extractives, pinosylvin, resin acids


The aim of the project is to study such natural properties of wood which are important for building technique.


The results of this study are reported in 8 original articles and one academic dissertation. Here you can open a link to the abstracts of the publications.

Project leader: Venäläinen, Martti
The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Punkaharju Office, Finlandiantie 18, FI-58450 PUNKAHARJU, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 4238

Other researchers: Harju, Anni, PU (2000-02), Velling, Pirkko, VA (2000-02)

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Updated 12.06.2012