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Ympäristön yhdennetty seuranta: puusto- ja maaperätutkimukset pysyvillä koealoilla

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Kesto: 1987-1999   Asiasanat: harsuuntuminen, karike, lehvästösadanta, maavesi, metsikkösadanta, metsämaa, mätäneminen, neulasanalyysi, ruunkovalumavesi, yhdennetty seuranta


Ympäristön Yhdennetty Seuranta (Integrated Monitoring, IM) is the Finnish contribution to the UN-ECE ICP on Integrated Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Ecosystems; a long-term international ecosystem monitoring programme. The agreement to participate in the programme has been made by the Min. of the Environment and Finland is presently contributing data from four background areas representing unmanaged northern coniferous forests in the boreal zone. As one of the participating institutes, FFRI has agreed to carry out a number of the IM permanent plot subprogrammes. These cover the stand (measurement and mapping, forest condition, needle chemistry and litterfall), soil (soil and soil water chemistry, soil micro- biology), and deposition (throughfall and stemflow). Implementation is in accordance with the Manual For Integrated Monitoring and the data has to be submitted to the programme's Environmental Data Centre according to a strict protocol. In contrast to other FFRI ecosystem studies, this project will enable mass balance budgets and nutrient cycles to be made for natural and mixed stands, and the data should be comparable with that from different catchments and countries. FFRI's data will be used to monitor the response and functioning of ecosystems to emission reductions, and in the application and development of a range of predictive models.

Hankkeen vetäjä: Starr, Michael

Muut tutkijat: Hartman, Markus, VA (1993-95-99), Kurka, Anne-Marie (1993-94), Lindroos, Antti-Jussi, VA (1995), Palmgren, Kristina (1994), Raitio, Hannu, PA (1993-94), Tuomisto, Timo (1995), Ukonmaanaho, Liisa, VA (1993-99)

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