Metla Hanke 3015

Metsäsektori ja maaseudun elinvoimaisuus

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Kesto: 1990-1995   Asiasanat: Maankäytönpolitiikka, Maaseudun elinvoimaisuus, Metsätalouteen suuntautuminen, Metsätyövoima, Peltojen metsittäminen, Poliittinen päätöksenteko, maan käyttö, maatilakoulutus- ja opetus, peltojen metsitys, piensahat, päätöksen teko


The investigation's aim is to determine the possibilities and willingness of farmers/forest owners to become rural entrepreneurs, with multiple-incomes derived from combinations of their available forest resources. The institutional (administrative/policy) environment for rural enterprise will also be examined.

The aim is to serve rural policy makers, and especially to assist the enhancement of policies to support the development of small-scale wood- and forest-based enterprises. The results are also intended to serve vocational education and rural development advisory services such as agricultural centres, forestry associations and trade secretaries at the local level.

The project also forms part of Finland's contribution to the Scientific and Technical Cooperation Project (COST) of the Commission for the European Communities (Research on the public perception and on the attitudes of farmers and forest owners on forestry as a means to rural development). KT3015 is also a participant in an EU-AIR III Concerted Action initiative concerning field afforestation (Selby is a coordinating committee member).

Hankkeen vetäjä: Selby, Ashley

Muut tutkijat: Elovirta, Pertti, HE (1993-96), Mustonen, Mika, HE (1993-96), Petäjistö, Leena, HE (1993-96), Uotila, Esa, HE (1994-95), Vanhanen, Heidi, HE (1993)

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