Metla Project 3002

Forestry modelling and analyses

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Duration: 1985-2025   Keywords: Finnish National Forest Inventory, forest management planning, linear programming, optimization, simulation
Research project group: Distinct projects - Information reserves on forestry and the forest environment


The purpose of the project is forestry modelling and analyses to assist in practical forestry planning and forest policy-making. The tasks of the project are:
  1. the maintenance and development of MELA-software
  2. the maintenance and development of MELA-interfaces (data, models and methods) for forestry analyses
  3. forestry analysis using MELA information system (software and interfaces), and
  4. MELA-service i.e. maintenance, development and marketing of MELA-software and -analyses products for the customers.


  1. The MELA software used in regional and national forestry analysis, and in forest planning at the forestry unit level (Finnish Forest Research Institute, Forest and Park Service, forest industry, Regional Forestry Centres, Forestry Development Centre Tapio, and forestry schools).
  2. The JLP software used in the MELA system, in the norwegian GAYA/JLP system and in a few organisations in Sweden.
  3. Timber production analysis by the forestry centers based on the 8th (NFI8, 1986-1994), 9th (NFI9, 1996-2003), 10th (2004-2008) and on the 11th (2009-) national forest inventories for the whole Finland
  4. Alternative analysis e.g. for regional (1998, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2012) and national forest programme (2010, 2015) and greenhouse gas reporting (2012).
  5. The MELA internet services (

Project leader: Salminen, Olli
The Finnish Forest Research Institute > Luke, Vantaa Unit, PO Box 18 (Jokiniemenkuja 1), FI-01301 VANTAA, FINLAND
Phone: +358 29 532 5346

Other researchers: Hirvelä, Hannu, VA (2014-15), Härkönen, Kari, VA (2014-15), Kilpeläinen, Harri, JO (2015), Lappi, Juha, SU (2014-15), Lempinen, Reetta, JO (2014-15), Redsven, Visa, JO (2015)

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