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Greenhouse gas reporting

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Research that supports the greenhouse gas inventory

The Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) sector of the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory of Finland is developed constantly. The research that supports the inventory can be divided into the research of inventory methods and also into research of the political process influencing the reporting requirements.

The research supporting the methodological development of the GHG inventory

In the project “Improving soil carbon estimation of GHG inventory” we focused on improving the estimates and understanding of factors behind the long-term levels and the trends of the foliar litterfall production and soil carbon stock development.

A project in Finnish Forest Research Institute "Testing the validity of the Yasso07 soil carbon model" aimed to improve the methology for estimation of the carbon pool changes in mineral soils.

Peatland ecology and peatland forestry group of the University of Helsinki studies the carbon cycle of organic soils. The greenhouse gas inventory of Finnish Forest Research Institute utilizes the measurements and models based on that research. These tools and results are needed to fulfill approved reporting requirements.

The presentation (pdf) by Paavo Ojanen, Reducing emissions with peatland drainage 9.11.2011 Henvi seminar.

The research relating to the international policy process

Development of the greenhouse gas reporting and assessment of accounting options in the AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Uses) sector.

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