Harmonisation of National Forest Inventories in Europe: Techniques for Common Reporting


Training courses of the Action are coordinated by Prof. Dieter R. Pelz, University of Freiburg, Germany, pelz @ biom.uni-freiburg.de.

The following training courses, with responsible countries, were suggested in Helsinki Steering Committee meeting:

  1. "Up-to-date technology for ground-based survey of national forest inventories", Prague, Czech Republic,
    period: 8.-11.10.2005
    contact: Dr. Martin Černý, martin.cerny @ ifer.cz
  2. "Forest type reconnaissance in the Alps", Trento, Italy,
    period: 5.-7.6.2006
    contact: Prof. Marco Marchetti, marchetti @ mclink.it
  3. "Sampling design and data analysis", Denmark,
    period: 2006
    contact: Dr. Vivian Kvist-Johannsen, vkj @ kvl.dk

Detailed information and more courses will appear later.