From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Forests and Human Health -newsletters

Metla Bulletin - A platform for dissemination of forest-related information

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  • Shortage of Coniferous Pulpwood in Karelia, and Oversupply of Sawlogs
  • Know-how in intensive forestry is frequently moving between Finland and Russia
  • Wood-based energy in Iceland - believe it or not!
  • In the future, small timber must be transported to its place of use from farther and farther away - there are profitable alternatives
  • Trees4Future - research without borders


  • Russia eager to switch from ”wood harvesting” to forest management
  • Novel forestry solutions for the Russian forest sector
  • Berries, cork, truffles – in addition to trees, forests harbour an abundance of untapped resources
  • Sustainable forestry mastered – shortcomings mainly in communications
  • INFRES – international research project develops technologies for the forest energy sector
  • KILPO research project: How are globalisation and international forest policy reflected in the competitiveness of the Finnish forest sector?




  • Russian government approved a national forestry development programme for 2013–2020
  • Taking a forestry trail to Mozambique
  • Baltic countries rely on wood products industry
  • Finnish companies willing to support the construction of forest roads in north-west Russia as a network of companies
  • Promobio project promotes the use of bioenergy in the production of heat and electricity in Eastern Europe
  • European experts on forest policy meet in Joensuu
  • How to meet the increasing demand for wood in Europe


  • Forest condition monitoring in Finland during 1986–2010
  • Forest cuttings change understorey vegetation
  • The increase in defoliation in the southern parts of Finland and the most large-scale damage epidemics are revealed in forest health monitoring
  • Increase in nitrogen concentrations in needles
  • Forest Condition Monitoring in Finland – National report is available


  • Trees4Future: Gaining greater efficiency by sharing databases and expertise
  • Forestry in Slovakia
  • What is IUFRO?
  • MULTIEFFORT – a step towards improving forest ecosystem services in Karelia




  • Metla reforms inventory procedures in Nepal and Vietnam
  • Metla promotes forest research in Mozambique
  • Extensive new research in forest energy
  • Strong research collaboration with Russia continues – two new extensive projects about to begin


  • New Policy brief: Making boreal forests work for people and nature
  • WTO membership to open up Russian market to competition
  • Russia’s national forest policy near completion – first draft released on 29 March
  • New information on wood harvesting and logistics in Russia
  • Poland’s forest sector the strongest among EU countries in transition
  • Progress in the use of bioenergy in Slovakia


  • Joensuu Forestry Networking Week organised in May, with ‘wood’ as the theme
  • Metla’s expertise in demand around the world
  • Metla researchers to participate in creation of international book “Forests under pressure: Local responses to global issues”
  • International plant trade – an unreasonable risk to forests





  • Metla invests in international forestry research
  • Russian forest fires cause less damage than last year – but underlying problem remains the same
  • PromoBio helps new bioenergy initiatives underway in Eastern Europe
  • Global forest resources assessment discussed in Finland
  • No pine nematodes found in timber imports from Russia
  • Romania, a major exporter of beech furniture, is privatising forests


  • Editorial: "Research – a networked effort"
  • Monitoring methods are being developed to counter storm damage in Finland
  • The KIEMET portal – information on the forest sector in Central and Eastern European countries
  • The role of wood-based biomass in the EU 27 and Finland to grow
  • Changes in forest ownership structure are challenging for wood supply in Finland





  • Editorial:"There is no alternative to research"
  • EU should increase use of wood to tackle climate change
  • Forest based sector challenges in Finland
  • Building forest inventory capacity in Vietnam and Nepal
  • Finnish forest growing stock 2.2 billion m³





  • Editorial:"Metla Bulletin goes electronic"
  • Russia struggles to develop forest sector
  • Boreal ecosystems, forest research and climate change
  • Forests and human health



2/2007 (pdf)


  • Editorial:"The role of forest research in providing data for forest policy discussions"
  • Finland takes care of forest biodiversity
  • Data collection and data sources for the State of Finland’s Forests 2007 report
  • Forest management affects waters – Metla studies how
  • Metla on the Lookout in Asia
  • Meet in the Forest
  • Finland’s National Forest Programme 2010 – Future challenges and the role of research
  • Spotlight: Questions to Dr. Lu-Min Vaario researcher at Metla
  • Finland’s National Forest Inventory – Ecological measurements and future challenges to come

1/2007 (pdf)


  • Editorial:"New industrial revolution"
  • Meet in the forest
  • Metla’s forest energy research supports best practices in Finland and abroad
  • Metla and VTT collaborate in bioenergy research
  • Technology and know-how make for efficient forest energy systems
  • Bioenergy from the forest – research programme
  • A new IUFRO Task Force to tackle issues of Forests and Health
  • Spotlight: Questions to Prof. Klaus v. Gadow
  • Results of 10th Finnish National Forest Inventory



1/2006 (pdf)


  • The Metla Bulletin - A platform for dissemination of forest-related information
  • Metla - Focused to serve customers
  • The forest monitoring programme has reduced emissions
  • New software for driving efficiency in forest management
  • The forest sector in Eastern Europe facing challenges in forest management
  • Genetic research revealing the secrets of wood
  • A wind of change blowing in Russian forests
  • Out of sight - out of funds?
  • World traveller in the service of forest research
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