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  UPCOMING EVENTS 2009 - 2010

Forest Vegetation Management – Towards Environmental Sustainability
The Final Conference of COST-Action E47.
Vejle, Denmark: 5.5.-7.5.2009 >Read more

Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2009: Connecting Young European Experts
Topic 2009: Fighting climate change: adapting forest policy and forest management in Europe.
Joensuu, Finland: 24.5.-29.5.2009 >Read more

Biogeomon 2009 - 6th Internatinal Symposium on Ecosystem Behaviour
Helsinki, Finland: 29.6.-3.7.2009 >Read more

BIOENERGY 2009 - Sustainable Bioenergy Business
Jyväskylä, Finland, 30.8.-4.9.2009 >Read more

Adapting Forest Management to Maintain the Environmental Services:
Carbon sequestration, Biodiversity and Water.
Koli National Park, Finland: 21.9.-25.9.2009 >Read more

Koli Forum
Koli National Park, Finland: 22.10.-24.10.2009 >Read more

WorldDendro 2010
The conference focuses on dendrochronology and the applications of tree rings as environmental sensors.
Rovaniemi, Finland: 13.7.-18.07.2010 >Read more