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Almost arctic conditions in winter make forestry in Finland challenging. With the help of high technology we have managed to make it both sustainable and profitable.

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Russia struggles to develop forest sector

Russia wants to develop the forest sector and attract domestic and foreign investors. It is a tough challenge. There is also the issue of customs policy: is the higher export duty of roundwood good or bad for the long time forestry goals?>Read more


Boreal ecosystems, forest research and climate change

Climate change is predicted to have a great impact on the growth, health and biodiversity of boreal forest ecosystems. It is important to take actions to adapt the forest sector to the anticipated changes.>Read more



Forests and human health

Even in our urban and industrialized age, human health and well-being are strongly influenced by forests and trees, both globally and locally.
>Read more


You are now reading the first electronic Metla Bulletin of the Finnish Forest Research Institute. We publish a number of periodicals either alone or jointly with others (see, two scientific journals in Finnish, roughly ten electronic newsletters for the interest groups of our research programmes, and bulletins with several language versions. The publication for our English speaking interest groups, Metla Bulletin, has previously appeared as a printed journal

> Read more Hannu Raitio