From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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The mission of Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) is to build the future of the forest sector of Finland by producing and disseminating information and know-how for the well-being of society.

Fixed term contract 01.02.2011 - 31.01.2014

Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) is looking for a researcher to the FunDivEurope (Functional significance of forest biodiversity in Europe) EU-funded research project for the period 1.2.2011-31.1.2014. The major duties of the researcher are to 1) assess fine root biomass and fine root production in European forest ecosystems consisting of monocultures or mixed tree species stands and, 2) organize the field sampling campaigns of the project in the explanatory platform study plots in Eastern Finland. The researcher is positioned either at the Metla's Joensuu Research Unit or Vantaa Research Unit.

Master's or doctor's degree in appropriate discipline, proven experience in soils or root studies, experience in field and laboratory work and good organizational and communication skills are required. The work requires capability to apply new research methods, capability for team work and traveling, and flexibility in regard to working times and working in the field.

The researcher is expected to organize and participate field and laboratory work, apply and develop relevant root research methods, analyze and report research results. Palkkauksen peruste: Salary is based on the incentive system terms set by Metla. The position will be at the level 8-9 (2627.54-2845.08 €/month), depending on the competence of the person, and in addition at maximum 50% of the salary is paid based on personal achievements in the project.


Apply by 05.01.2011 16:00

Applying at with the key numbers 400-246-10 is recommended.

You can also apply by sending your application to

Finnish Forest Research Institute
P.O.Box 18 (Jokiniemenkuja 1)
FI-01301 Vantaa

Key numbers must be stated in both the envelope and application.

Further information

For further information, please contact Professor Leena Finér, tel. +358 29 5323067,

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