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Professor of Forest Planning

The service relationship is valid until further notice.

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) is a research and expert organisation subordinate to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Metla provides solutions for challenges and questions regarding forest management and utilisation, products, services and immaterial values of forests.

The post of Professor of Forest Planning is open at Metla. The research field of the Professor of Forest Planning embraces the planning models, alternative calculations and analyses required in the formulation of development options based on national, regional and local production potential, as well as the resolution of optimization tasks. Also included is the methodological development demanded by new information requirements. The research tasks necessitate the monitoring of national, regional and local planning objectives connected with forests. They include the development of inventory, modelling and decision-making systems and practical calculation systems, all of which are required for the production of planning data.

The forest planning field of research and the related duties comprise:

1) the development of calculation methods supporting national, regional and local decision-making with respect to the use of forests, on the basis of forest inventory data;
2) the assessment of national, regional and local production possibilities with regard to material and immaterial forest products and services, in addition to the analysis of mutual relationships between various production alternatives;
3) methodological development, by which it will be possible to improve planning calculations and analyses of optimisation tasks, introduce new products and services to forest planning calculations, and develop assessment methods linked to uncertainty factors in calculation;
4) the development of methods of ensuring that new calculation modes and variables can be connected to applications concerning the use of forest reserves at the operative wood-lot level.

A doctoral degree is required of the Professor, as well as strong familiarity with the duties in question. Successful performance of the duties requires the ability to monitor forest-related regional and societal objectives and information needs, as well as carrying out research and development work within the field. Due to uncertainty in forecasting the development of society, the economy and technology, planning involves the outlining and analysis of various future production scenarios. This necessitates the ability to communicate successfully with other branches of science, so that the required initial data and methods can be built into functional calculation systems. The successful candidate will require excellent cooperation skills and the ability to work in groups.
The applicant should briefly present his/her vision of an operational plan (maximum 2 pages) covering the post’s key tasks over the forthcoming five-year period.

The post requires excellent oral and written Finnish language skills, in addition to satisfactory oral and written skills in Swedish. If needed, the candidate can apply for an exemption concerning these requirements.

The salary is determined in accordance with Metla's remuneration system and complies with competence level 13–14. It comprises a task-based component related to the required competencies (competence level 13 €4,190.81/month, 14 €4,635.09/month). In addition, a component based on personal performance is remitted.

More details available at:

Applying for the post

Applications must be submitted in English in writing and addressed to the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla).

The following should be enclosed with the application:
1) Extract from a personal file or similar clarification (if the applicant does not maintain personal files); the extract from a personal file must be submitted no more than three (3) months prior to submission of the application and the résumé must be officially authenticated
2) A brief curriculum vitae in accordance with the instructions
3) A list of publications grouped as follows:

(1) articles in refereed international journals;
(2) articles in refereed international scientific compilations as well as in international scientific conference publications;
(3) articles in refereed Finnish journals;
(4) articles in refereed Finnish scientific compilations and Finnish scientific conference publications;
(5) scientific monographs;
(6) other scientific publications, such as articles in unrefereed scientific journals and conference publications, in addition to publications in university and department series

4) A brief explanation must be provided of important research merits, from the perspective of the post applied for
5) Operational plan

The application must be addressed to the Finnish Forest Research Institute. Four identical copies shall be sent to:
P.O.Box 18 (Jokiniemenkuja 1)
01301 Vantaa

The application period ends June 10, 2011 at 4 p.m.

For more information, please contact

  • Director of Research Leena Paavilainen, tel. +358 29 5322020, leena.paavilainen @
  • Professor Kari Mielikäinen, tel. +358 29 5322615, kari.mielikainen @
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