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EFI officially launched


The European Forest Institute (EFI) launched its activities at
the beginning of this year and it has now been established as an
Association, forming its own legal entity. The official Act of
Constitution was signed by twelve founding members from ten
European countries in  Joensuu, Finland, on 9 September 1993.

The founding members adopted the Institute's bylaws and discussed
the plan of action for 1993-94, as well as the future research

Research activities have been started

The purpose of the European Forest Institute is to undertake
research on forest policy, including its environmental aspects,
on ecology, multiple use, resources and health of European
forests and on the supply of and demand for timber and other
forest products, and to prepare forecasts of future development
of the European forest resources and their utilization. In order
to meet these aims, among the EFI's activities are the
development of research methods, compilation and maintaining of
data concerning European forests, and  organizing scientific
meetings and forest research training.

Projects will be undertaken on problems of concern to as many
countries as possible. Currently the Institute has six ongoing
research projects. One of the projects deals with the policy
implications of the ECE/FAO  Forest Resource Assessment 1990 and
will be presented at the Joint Session of the FAO European
Forestry Commission and the ECE Timber Committee in Rome, Italy,
in October.

Other EFI ongoing projects are on growth trends, carbon balance, 
undisturbed forests of Europe as well as a EFI forestry data bank
and a study 'Forest Resources in Europe 1950-90' by Professor
Kullervo Kuusela.

The number of international researchers working at the Institute
is intended to  grow gradually to  approximately twenty  within
the next five years. The Government of Finland is financing the
Institute to the amount of 4.6 mill. FIM (approximately 700 000
ECUs) next year and will provide substantial support when its
activities have reached a stable level. In the future more than 
half of the research funding is intended to come from other than
Finnish sources.

Norwegian Director for the Institute

Professor Birger Solberg, of Norway, has been appointed as the
first Director of the EFI. He will take up his duties on 1
October 1993.

Dr Solberg, 46, has extensive international experience, for
example from  the United States and Kenya as well as by being
involved in forestry research round the world for national and
international organizations. Dr Solberg's international
experience  together with his publications which cover a wide
field of the forest sector are highly relevant to the EFI's

The  Founding Members of the EFI are:

Faculty of Forestry, University of Brno, Czech Republic
Faculty of Forestry, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany
Forest Research Institute, Hungary
Norwegian Forest Research Institute, Norway
The Forest Research Institute, Poland
National Forest Research Station, Portugal
St.Petersburg Forest Technical Academy, Russian Federation
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology/NERC, United Kingdom
University of Joensuu, Finland
Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland
Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki,

Appointment of the EFI Board

An international Board was selected for the Institute at the
Constitutive meeting. The members of the Board are:

Professor Per-Ove Backstrom, Sweden
Professor Melvin Cannell, United Kingdom
Vice-Rector Vladimir Ivanovich Yagodin, Russian Federation
Professor Emil Klimo, Czech Republic
Mr Pekka Patosaari, Finland
Mr Tim Peck, formerly UN-ECE/FAO
Professor Kazimierz Rykowski, Poland
Professor Raul Albaquerque de Sardinha, Portugal
Mr Ernst Wermann, Germany

The Board held its first meeting on 10 September 1993 at which Mr
Tim Peck was selected as Chairman and Professor Kazimierz
Rykowski as Deputy Chairman of the Board. Professor Heinrich
Spiecker from the Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany,
was selected as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Further information can be obtained from:

Risto Paivinen
Acting Director
European Forest Institute
Torikatu 34
80100 Finland

tel. +358+73+124 395
fax  +358+73+124 393
bitnet:   efipai@finujo

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